Why I Write Reason #1

Because if when it all falls into place it has all fallen off balance and my plans have been reduced to a shambles, reduced to a litter in the endless dump of plans that so many have fallen into before. If I have not the means to provide shelter, warmth, food and water for myself, let alone those I love, and I am made a street dweller, impoverish and broken. If I fall ill, cursed by a tumour, an infection, a disability or a thing unforeseen.

Then I shall still be a writer.






My name is Dan, and this is my blog, which I am using as a base platform to share my writings and my ramblings. I am mostly interested in prose writing. I intend to mostly present short stories on this website, but I’m under no obligation to do so, in fact I could potentially post whatever I want. No parents! Wahaaaaay! So I might post in regards to music, film and anything inbetween. Who go stop me.

Don’t worry about it.

Thanks for reading,

– D John Blythe